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Everyone wants to advertise digitally, even if they have no idea how to do it and are completely technophobic, everyone wants to advertise digitally.

Everyone wants to succeed in digital advertising and bring in new customers from unexpected audiences through digital advertising.

Unfortunately, not all of us were born marketers by birth or trained digital artists, which is why most business owners today use the services of various digital agencies.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is classic marketing that receives a twist in the form of using digital means in order to reach new audiences and maintain existing audiences.

Common channels for digital marketing are social media, apps, emails, search engines, websites and more…

Or in an even simpler formulation – digital marketing is any marketing that is carried out using electronic devices and reaches people on the other side of the screen.

There are many ways to market a business digitally, for example, organic marketing on social media and search engines, sponsored campaigns of promotion on Google or on the networks, email marketing or content-based marketing and the list can go on for many more pages.

Today it is indisputable that most marketing is already done online and it is the duty of every business owner to employ the services of a digital agency in order to market the business properly.


What type of digital marketing should you invest in?

It all depends on your needs and audiences.

If you are targeting young people for example, you should invest a lot in TikTok and Instagram, on the other hand, if you are targeting an audience of 35+ Facebook is the right place and if you are targeting managers or need to invest in recruitment LinkedIn is your platform in general.

To understand the answers to all these questions, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us and together we can build you a digital strategy tailored specifically to your needs.


Is it mandatory to work with a digital agency?

Of course not, but there are several considerations that may convince you to work with a digital agency despite the considerable expense.

The first is a matter of resources and time, when you invest in advertising in digital media you don’t spend enough time managing your business, which can hurt you in the long and short term.

The second reason is that the digital world is a constantly changing world, volatile and renewed on a daily basis.

The average digital people subscribe to dozens of newsletters that update them on the day-to-day changes happening in the digital arena.

You can try to do your digital marketing alone but are you ready to make it a full time job?


What does a digital agency do?

Market research – Market research is the first thing a good digital agency will give you, to one of the first meetings the representatives of the digital agency will arrive with a presentation or a printed file that presents your competitors, what they do, what they do that works and what they do that doesn’t work.

Market research is critical to understand where to focus, what is the potential differentiation of your business and what actually needs to be done next.

Sponsored promotion on Google – Sponsored promotion on Google is considered a non-intrusive way to promote a business because it only appears when someone is looking for a solution to their problem.

In sponsored promotion on Google, you actually pay per click and receive advertising on the first page of Google.

Organic promotion on Google (SEO) – it is not enough to have a website, now you also need to promote it so that it reaches the first results on the Google search page. Organic promotion basically works on the basis of creating articles that go up to the site on a regular basis and help promote the site in the search engine.

Sponsored and unsponsored advertising on social networks – sponsored and unsponsored advertising on public networks

Rathiot includes content writing, copywriting, creative and more.

Advertising on YouTube – Advertising on YouTube includes the creation of the videos, their production, filming and distribution on the network through sponsored promotion.

Construction and design of websites – construction and design of websites by a team of content writers, programmers and designers who will create a responsive website for you with optimization for Google.


Looking for a digital agency for digital advertising?

If you are looking for a digital agency that will do digital advertising for you, we will be happy to be at your service and take over the management of your digital assets.

Contact us by phone, email or message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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