Post Design

Designing posts on Facebook and Instagram, videos on TikTok, tweets on Twitter

Social media has taken over the world and so has the world of designing posts, stories and reels and shorts.

Most of society spends a huge chunk of their lives scrolling through Facebook and Instagram likes. Social media is one of the most powerful digital platforms where you can advertise your brand and connect with your target audience, this is where our digital marketing experts come into play.

Social media is one of the most powerful digital platforms for advertising your brand and connecting with your audience, connecting all channels and introducing the brand to the minds of the right customers for your business bring real and fast results. This is where our digital marketing experts come into the picture.

Why is the design of the posts important?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression… so make it a good one!

Our graphic designers have the skills to create magical, contemporary, elegant and professional designs for all types of businesses.

Let your brand shine through creative content, whether it’s copywriting, video creation or photography, we’ve got you covered. Our expert creative team will create content that your audience really wants to read.

From Instagram to Facebook and LinkedIn, to the new guys on TikTok and Twitch, it’s essential that your brand has a social media presence and the best way is through post design.

In many cases we prefer to watch a video than read a text about the same thing. Videos perform well on social media platforms and can really excite your audience, while presenting your products and services in a beautiful visual way.

Video content can convey complex information in a highly entertaining and visually compelling way that other types of content may not be able to. We can help you tell your story and spread your message with our video content services that will leave all the competition behind.

Organic Social

Build relationships and engage with your customers by sharing informative and entertaining content. From general lifestyle content to business updates that show your company’s personality, keep your audience informed!

Today there are many ways to promote a company’s social networks organically, whether through the content or articles and through the posts, releases and stories.

Sponsored Social

Showcase your content to specific audiences who are likely to be interested in or looking for your products and services. We will design unique advertisements to really attract your audiences to make a purchase.

We put data at the forefront of your paid social campaign to target your ideal audience and ensure you achieve the highest ROI for your campaigns.

Want to be social with your potential customers?

Whatever you want from your social media strategy, NV Media can do the magic and connect your brand to your audience in a way that works.

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Photography, design and editing

We specialize in providing first class photography, design and editing services to businesses of all sizes.