Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one of the most effective and safest platforms for advertising and especially for sponsored advertising these days.

In fact, Facebook is the largest social network, as it also owns the second largest social network in the world – Instagram.

Every few years we hear how “young people are leaving Facebook” but in fact we see how Facebook’s numbers and the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook only grew and grew over the years.

Facebook changed the whole way we perceive the Internet, when before the forums were the big hot thing and after it the world looks completely different.

Therefore, many advertisers consider it appropriate to advertise on Facebook, whether it is organic advertising or sponsored advertising.


Who is a sponsored promotion on Facebook suitable for?

Anyone can open a business page and start promoting the business with sponsored advertising on Instagram or Facebook, but most of us don’t really know how to do it.

You need knowledge and expertise to make sponsored advertising on Facebook that is really effective and not just wasting you unnecessary money.

Many who try to promote posts for themselves find themselves confused in the face of post rejection by Facebook or are sure that they have invested their money correctly and barely get likes in the end even for the promoted posts.

People constantly ask themselves where they went wrong and what they did wrong, and the unequivocal answer is of course, you didn’t hire professionals whose job it is in life.


Common mistakes in sponsored advertising on Facebook

Misrepresentation by emphasizing the personal profile instead of the business profile.

Business owners who do not respond to messages on time and do not respond to comments on their page are making a serious mistake that will hurt them in the short and long term.

Lack of motivation to take action, which means that even if the page has high traffic, the engagement in it is very low.

Multiple pages that are opened by confused business owners.

Lack of correct response to negative reactions or incorrect crisis management to a situation of negative criticism.


Which businesses will benefit from sponsored advertising on Facebook?

In fact, any business can benefit from sponsored advertising on Facebook, but the businesses that will benefit the most from sponsored advertising on Facebook are businesses that rely on image.

The Facebook page can serve you as a kind of free image website that will raise your reputation and make people trust your word.

Another thing you can benefit from is strengthening yourself as the face of the brand through the Facebook page and uploading content with a more personal touch.


What is a sponsored advertising service on Facebook?

A sponsored advertising service on Facebook is a service that digital agencies offer and within the framework of which the digital agency manages campaigns on Facebook for the client.

With a sponsored advertising service on Facebook, you actually only need to set a budget for the entire campaign and we will make sure to get the best out of it, even if it is a relatively small budget.


How to choose a digital agency?

It is important to choose a digital agency where you manage to speak pleasantly with your contacts there, because communicating with a digital agency can be a matter of many years.

Another equally important thing is the experience of the digital agency in your field of work and in general, check the experience and portfolio of the potential digital agency before you make a decision.

Another important thing is to choose a digital agency based on recommendations, try asking friends, family and business owners you are close to which digital agencies they have worked with and what their experience was.


Does your business need sponsored advertising on Facebook?

We will be happy to provide you with a service and manage sponsored advertising campaigns on Facebook for you.

Nav Media is a digital agency that has many years of experience in the field of social networks and we employ a whole team of social media managers who will help you reach the maximum possible in the sponsored advertising campaign on Facebook.

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