What are digital services?

What are digital services for businesses from a marketing company?

Digital services are a wide range of digital strategies and actions aimed at promoting a business, cause or service using digital tools.

Digital services use a variety of digital tools to monitor and improve the digital data of your business.

Different digital agencies offer a variety of digital services, with each usually specializing in a few specific things.

As customers you can choose to combine different types of digital services from one digital agency.

What digital services does NV MEDIA offer?

We offer diverse and comprehensive digital services.

We strive to adapt the services that are suitable for each client.

Each client has different needs, therefore the work with NV MEDIA is long-term under a full envelope of digital management for the business.

Among the services you can find:

Building a website for a business – construction from A to Z including search engine optimization.

Building a digital store on all platforms.

Building an image website that will present you in the way you deserve.

Organic marketing on social networks.

Sponsored marketing on social networks.

Promotion sponsored by Google.

Ongoing website management including optimization.

Business social management including content writing and design.

And a wide variety of writing and design services.

Great concepts digital services:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search engine optimization is a service that uses organic search engine promotion, that is, free promotion, to get you up to the top of the first page of search engines.

Pay per click (PPC) – a strategy for working with search engines and social networks centered on the idea that the client pays for every click he receives on the platform he chose to advertise on.

In fact, when you do good PPC you find that the payment for the clicks dwarfs the profit you get when you do PPC.

Managing pages on social networks – managing pages on social networks including ongoing management, comments, ad campaigns, creating communities and more.

Content writing – content writing for websites, landing pages, social media or anything you want in fact.

Email marketing – sending advertising and marketing emails, including writing, designing and managing newsletters.

Website building – building the perfect website for you, whether it is an image website or a landing page – we will be happy to build it.

Website design – Website design by the best designers.

Why choose NV MEDIA as a digital service provider for your business?

First of all, because we are professionals with certificates and extensive experience in the digital field.

Each of us is an expert in his field, whether we are content writers or programmers or SEO managers, each one of us is a talent in itself and a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts in the group.

Another reason is our excellent human relations.

With us, you will join a growing family of people who have chosen to work with people who have a conversation with them at eye level and who have a lot of good will to see your business flourish.

We work in a data-based process and use a toolbox that all staff members have acquired with years of activity and experience with a wide variety of clients in different and very diverse fields.

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