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What is ecommerce? (E-commerce)

Ecommerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services, transferring money or data, through an electronic network, mainly on the Internet. These transactions occur as business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), consumer to consumer or consumer to business.

E-commerce is powered by the Internet. Customers access an online store to browse and place orders for products or services using their devices.

The importance of ecommerce

Ecommerce, or electronic commerce, has become a must in the digital age. This allows companies to sell products and services directly, quickly and conveniently to customers all over the world. Ecommerce reduces the need for physical stores and allows businesses to reach a wider market, which increases the potential for sales and profits. In addition, it provides almost uninterrupted access to the store, allowing customers to select products and purchase them conveniently from home or anywhere else. It also allows companies to gather information about customer behavior and tailor sales and marketing to their needs and preferences, increasing the chances of sales success.

Building the store – ecommerce

After the process of characterizing the store and setting the goals, we will start building your online store in an efficient, correct and accurate way. We will adjust the store in terms of design according to how you see it and of course there is the option to build a store from a template with a customized design. And more, we will adjust the construction in the correct code manner for Google’s scanners.

The store will be connected to all the different channels in Google, analytics analyzes and tracking of customers browsing the site in real time. Learning and in-depth analysis of the data from the website in combination with social networks and all our different avenues for competitor analysis in order to adapt the advertising campaign to your searching customers!

API integration

APIs (or application programming interfaces, for those who don’t know!) allow two systems to communicate and respond to each other. We build a variety of APIs that bridge the gap between a website and an external platform to ensure our clients get the results they want.

This can be anything from apps for other websites to software systems for ordering or connecting to different delivery companies. Our developers have extensive experience with APIs and will be happy to help and simplify your processes vis-à-vis a third party, tying up all the loose ends on your site and in external sources.

We will recommend and make sure that your store is connected to any credit clearinghouse you want for your customers.

Security above all

Protection and security by a firewall on the server, which also runs daily backups to preserve your files. We can also implement SSL certificates to ensure trust with users, and avoid negative long-term SEO impact.

Security is an essential part of a website to inspire trust in visiting users, so they feel safe leaving an inquiry or making a purchase. If a user has to enter his personal details or payment details on an e-commerce site, then he needs to be sure that the data and information he has entered is 100% secure.


When things fall, we’re here to pick them up, sort them out, and fix them.

Our skilled team is ready to lend a hand and help if you notice something wrong with the site or a problem with the product’s campaign or any post, just get in touch!

We are more than happy to take part in the online store project with our convenient tools and extensive knowledge in the field we can be a winning team for your brand!

Contact us today and we will start the characterization of your store.

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