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In 2010, Instagram was founded with a crazy number of 13 employees and in 2012, when it reached 25 million users (and still with 13 employees!) Instagram was acquired by Meta, then Facebook.

From that day Instagram continued to progress and develop and in 2020 the number of users crossed one billion and today Instagram is considered the second largest social network in the world.

With such data it is clear to us that Instagram is a platform that must be promoted, but promotion on Instagram poses many difficulties for those who want to promote their business, especially if they are used to Facebook’s textual nature.

But how does Instagram actually differ from Facebook?

The main, central and most prominent difference is that on Facebook the format is mainly textual, with images helping to bring traffic but they are not critical or mandatory, while on Instagram, on the other hand, the visual is king and it is absolutely impossible to upload a post to Instagram without an image.

The second difference is the age of the users, while Facebook is used by your grandparents, Instagram is home to most of the Y and Z generations who are looking for social interaction online.

In fact, Instagram’s data shows that about 75% of Instagram users are 35 and under, while Facebook users are mostly 35 and over.

Some will say that Facebook is dead and that Instagram has replaced it, we are not sure that we agree with such sweeping claims, but it is certainly possible to say that most young people are on Instagram, even if not exclusively.

Therefore, if your target audience is young people, you must have a strategy to advertise on Instagram quickly.

Organic advertising on Instagram

The “normal” posting that any user can do on Instagram is sometimes also the most effective, but it has limitations such as the inability to add a link to an external website in the body of the post.

In organic advertising on Instagram, you actually add posts, reels and stories to bring more and more users to follow your profile.

Organic advertising on Instagram is the basis and foundation of any advertising campaign on Instagram and is extremely important.

Sponsored advertising on Instagram

By running a sponsored campaign for posts, you can increase the traffic on the specific post and on your profile in general.

Payment is made per click or view and allows the surfers to be directed to an external website, in contrast to organic advertising on Instagram.

We recommend sponsored advertising on Instagram for specific posts that you want to upload and promote in a special way, with the basis being organic advertising.

Why should you advertise on Instagram?

  • As we wrote, everyone, especially young people with a light finger on the money trigger, are on Instagram and to reach them you will have to advertise on Instagram.
  • You can advertise on Instagram at relatively low costs and still achieve excellent results.
  • On Instagram, the ability to reach wide audiences is very large, along with specification for geographic area, demographic data, interests and more to get more accurate results.
  • On Instagram you can double your advertising by appearing in the story and feed of the users who follow you.

Questions to ask before posting on Instagram

  • What is your goal? You need to set clear goals for clear periods of time so that you can reach the right audiences and bring the results you really want to your Instagram.
  • What is your budget? By calculating your budget you can know if you want to focus on sponsored advertising or organic advertising and what percentage to do each of them.
  • Is your website structured correctly and optimized for promotion? Because if not, sponsored advertising on Instagram that links to a site that doesn’t convert won’t help you much. Before you do sponsored promotion on Instagram that points to the website you will need to make sure that your website is able to convert leads.

How to start advertising on Instagram?

Get in touch with NV MEDIA, send a message or an email and we will be happy to be at your service and start a joint campaign of advertising on Instagram with you, at the end of which you will have many more customers and we will watch with satisfaction how the leads pile up.

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